Discover the 9-Step System for Clearing Your Skin NATURALLY
My name is Eric Tate, and I'd like to share with you my 9-Step holistic system for ELIMINATING acne. Growing up, I dealt with the nightmare of acne every day. Fortunately, I was introduced to one of the world's leading health experts, and he taught me how to enjoy clear skin permanently. In my book, I lay it all out for you. It works!
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  •  The OVERRIDING reason for acne (and poor health) - this is the information manufactures of toxic acne creams and pills don't want you to know about
  •  Your body's ingenious internal cleansing system - align with it and your chances of having clear skin increase exponentially, go against it and pay the price
  •  Simple steps you can start taking immediately to improve the quality of your skin
  •  Plus... a thought-provoking Foreword by Harvey Diamond, one of the world's leading health experts and author of an International Bestseller
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Eri Tsuno, Beauty and Skincare Consultant

"As a beauty and skincare consultant who has appeared on camera (Home Shopping Network) and prepped countless models and actors, I know how stressful acne can be for people. Use this information!"

Ron Casados, Former Acne Sufferer and Parent says:

"This is the information I wish I had had as a teenager myself. It's precisely what I used, though, to ensure my own son didn't have to go through what I did with acne. Devour this book and use it!"

Kery Helmer, Personal Empowerment Coach says:

"This book is very well organized! Empowering for our kids and for us as mothers to be vital and radiant."

Harvey Diamond, One of World's Leading Health Experts

"Use the information in this book not only to regain the clear skin that is your birthright but to live a much more vital life. It's based on timeless principles."
About Eric Tate
Eric Tate is a writer, coach, and film producer. After raising his 10 year-old daughter, his passion is to challenge himself and others to rise to new standards of satisfaction, contribution and achievement. Eric writes in the genres of self-help and comedic-dramas. His coaching clients include tournament tennis players and inspired entrepreneurs.
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